Energy Saving Features

Building Energy Efficient Homes

Some features to look for when purchasing your home are an efficient home envelope, air distribution, equipment, and appliances.
Effective Insulation – Properly installed, climate-appropriate insulation in floors, walls, and attics ensures even temperatures throughout the house. We install R-49 Ceiling Insulation and R-19 Sidewall Insulation.
High Performance Windows – Energy efficient windows include a protective coating and improved frame assemblies to help keep heat in during the winter months and out during the summer months. They also block out ultraviolet sunlight.
Efficient Heating & Cooling – In addition to using less energy to operate, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can be quieter, reduce indoor humidity, and improve the overall comfort of the home. We install a 96% High Efficiency Furnace and 16 SEER Air Conditioner.
Third-Party Verification – Raters conduct onsite testing and inspections to verify the homes Insulation and duct leakage.