Homeowner Testimonials

Unbeatable customer service, the ability to customize homes inside and out, and superior building quality are just a few reasons our customers would recommend Savannah Homes.

Our Service

Working with Savannah Homes provides our customers with some distinguishing factors that we refer to as the Savannah Advantage. We want our customers to have a personalized and tailored experience they feel explains, in detail, what the home building and buying process entails.
Savannah Service You Can Count On
At Savannah Homes we know that quality in home building consists of two things: 1) the quality of our homes, and 2) the quality of the process you experience before and after you purchase a Savannah home. Savannah Service refers to the customer service program that focuses on those processes and includes five major points, before and after closing.

Builder/Buyer Services Group (BBSG) manages the Limited Warranty included in the sale of our homes.  They have been working successfully with builders and buyers since 1998.  BBSG will be the point of contact for warranty related issues or questions, and will coordinate your service.

Before Closing

1. Plan Review
This takes place approximately five days after signing the Purchase Agreement and/or upon receipt of the loan commitment. This meeting includes the buyers, their realtor (if applicable), and our Construction Superintendent, Linda Aldrich. The buyers will work with Linda to make selections for exterior and interior colors if applicable. They’re also provided a list of vendors and locations to make any upgraded or additional interior selections. The Construction Superintendent reviews and notes the requested plan changes. The Plan Review applies only to custom built homes.
2. Pre-drywall Tour
This tour with Linda, our Construction Superintendent, will occur around the home is drywalled. This process provides the buyers an additional opportunity to verify that all exterior and/or interior changes have been made and to pinpoint closing date arrangements as needed.
3. Homeowner Orientation
Homeowner orientation is a meeting that provides buyers with a thorough demonstration of their new home. It takes place approximately two days prior to closing. This process allows buyers to ask questions while providing an opportunity to list any workmanship or material defects. Items needing attention will be noted on the Final Walk-Thru list and will be signed by both parties. We request that buyers arrange for friends and young children to see the home at a time before or after the orientation so the buyers can focus all attention on the new home.
Buyers will also receive Trade Contractor-Supplier Warranties and booklets, and additional information concerning Savannah’s Warranty program.

After Closing

4. One Month Letter
BBSG contacts owners in writing approximately 30 days after closing to assure all service items noted during the Homeowner Orientation have been corrected. It also provides an opportunity to mention any new issues noticed during the first 30 days of ownership. Savannah’s limited warranties exclude repairs for damage caused by moving in, or living in the home.
5. Eleven Month Letter
BBSG, again, contacts owners in writing approximately 11 months after possession, alerting owners to the pending close of the One Year Warranty period and offers an additional opportunity to report any service issues.